Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel Review

Hey Naturals!! So, this is my first product review. Im so excited!! Brief product  search background, we had  been on  the hunt  for  natural hair products all over Nairobi, which ended in futility . We got frustrated enough to ship some products in for us natural beauties 🙂 Will keep you
guys updated. We were lucky enough to get a huge 32oz  tub of  Olive Oil Ecostyler  from Super Duper cosmetics at Greenhouse for 650.


I had  been  reading  loads of  positive  reviews  from  naturalista blogs about this product so I was excited to see the results on my fro. My hair is  a mix of  4B at the front and 4C at the back so that means  that  my afro LOVES water.  I wake up every morning  with what I’d describe as hard crunched up hair, but as soon as I hydrate, my little fro starts to flourish and  gets really soft and fluffy *dreamy eyes*
Back to the product review. I decided that since it’s a styling gel, I’d use it to do a twistout and leave it overnight. My regimen on a daily basis is LCO which is L for  LOTS of  water  and  a leave in conditioner( currently using a 3:1 ratio of water and TRESemme Flawless Curls bought at Nakumatt Lifestyle at 850)


when I was purchasing this product, they didn’t have the TRESemme Naturals which is  a much  more natural hair friendly product, but they  have it now. C for Organics Curl Keeper Moisturizing Hair Lotion( I use a very little amount of this product because a little goes a long way.


Bought  it at Nakumatt TRM for around 490), and O for Carrier Oils. I use a mix of  Coconut Oil( I use Alison Tropical coconut oil which I got for 280 at Nakumatt but can  be found at almost any supermarket), Castor oil( I use Ideal castor oil which I got for 170 at Nakumatt but  is also readily available at supermarkets and beauty stores) , Olive oil( I use Ideal olive oil. Got it at Nakumatt for 280, but is also readily  available at other stores and supermarkets)



and, of course, loads of water.I find that this routine is good for maintaining my natural hair.

So, back to my  twistout. Even  though I was hella tired from  a busy day spent with my sister and cousin(Hey Shiru 😉 ), I couldn’t not experiment with the Ecostyler so nilijikakamua. Got my  spritzer with the water/leave in mix, sprayed a reasonable amount to my afro, then took on to two strand twisting my hair by rubbing a small amount of  Ecostyler on my fingers.(Results below )



I was scared of flaking though so I used a water spritzer after twisting and decided  on bagging( basically hydrating your afro then sleeping overnight in a shower cap to help it absorb more moisture. It’s  recommended  once in a while for naturals with low  porosity hair. 

Although it was hella flaky in the morning, I couldn’t wait to untwist my strands and see my curls. To reduce the flake and  soften my hair, I spritzed  my hair with water,  rubbed a little Organics Curl Keeper  Moisturizing Hair Lotion between my thumb and index finger and carefully undid my twist out  from edges to roots. Guys, I gatta say, the cream  and water helped so much because the results were AMAZING!! Curls were well defined, hair was soft and had a healthy looking shine/.I steamed  my hair during my shower too so that enhanced the results even more.





I like the ecostyler  but only if  paired with a cream and loads of water for a 4b/c like me.The curls were so tightly packed and lasted for around a week.I can’t wait to try the ecostyler with some flexi rods or curl formers

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14 thoughts on “Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel Review

  1. I love this!! hey back 🙂 . I was waiting anxiously for this :-). very helpful, can’t wait to get my own tub and try it out 🙂

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      • Hey Linda!! We don’t stock Ecostyler anymore but you can find it at Mother of Beauty store( 1st Floor, Sasa Mall, Moi Avenue). We would recommend the Argan oil one over the pink one and mix it with a light oil like sweet almond oil to avoid crunchiness and flakes. We hope this is helpful 🙂

  3. Hey do you still have the eco styler gel? The argan oil one. Is it recommended for natural hair or maybe the pink one. How can I get it and at how much

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