Introductory Post

Hey ladies (and any guys that might be reading this)
I decided to start with a short introduction post. So, my name is Marion. I’m 24 turning 25 (in May)
I BC’d my hair at the beginning of this year bacause I  really just wanted a change and my sister kept talking about going natural, so I figured why not. Here’s a photo of me immediately after BC (ignore the ugly sweater and, if you can, the glare)


I fell in love immediately 🙂
Since then I have braided my hair once so I leave my hair out pretty much most of the time.
Finding products for my hair has been  difficult as a lot of Natural Hair Blogs I have come across have been American and I couldn’t find most of those products anywhere.
I did discover the lovely kurly kichana girls ( but couldn’t find a lot of the products they recommended either 😦
That meant I (we) had to try a lot of DIY products and we will try to review some of those for you.
We also thought we could ship in some of the products and sell them to you girls so we’ll put what we have up soon and give you a chance to pre-order. You can also tell us what products you want, and we could see if we can get them for you.
I have had a beautiful love affair with my TWA  Taking care of it has been a breeze. I do co-washes once or twice weekly using Tresamme Flawless Curls.


It works for me, leaves my hair feeling soft and gives me some curl definition. I spritz my hair with water-oil (castor, coconut, olive or a mixture) and I’m good to go.
Other days I use the Organics Curl Keeper

It moisturizes my hair and I use the water-oil spritz on top.
I have not had any problems with any of the products I’ve used as my hair is pretty porous and really will absorb just about anything but I can’t say I’ve loved any of them either.
Here’s a picture of my curls on a good day


I do feel like my hair is getting to that awkward length. Witness, Exhibit A.


Notice how  weird it looks at the front-centre. The hair there is longer than the sides:-/ It’s sad for me because I loved my wash-and-goes but they’re just not working the way they used to 😦 I suppose it’s no use mourning the death of the TWA. Onwards, onwards.
I’m actually excited about a new length but I think I’ll braid my hair while I figure that out. And hopefully by then I’ll have some products to help me with styling.
This is a blog about hair and other things we love. Hope you’ll keep reading.
(Guess that wasn’t very short. Lol)


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