About Stellah

Hey Ladies,
My name is Stellah, 23 going 24 and I am a proud naturalista 🙂
I remember the very first time I saw Warsan Shire’s lovely mane, I couldn’t help but drool. I obsessed over it for weeks. If you don’t know who she is,I suggest you get on it ASAP. She’s a lovely poet who cuts you deep with her words.She certainly rescued me when someone I loved broke my heart.(Below is a pic of Marion and Warsan)


I debated it with myself for while,my main concern being how i’d look after the big chop.But when I finally did, I never looked back.


That pic was taken on the evening I chopped. I tried transitioning for a while but maintaining two different hair textures while avoiding heat was too stressful for me. As you can see,I’d braided my hair for a few months to allow a sizeable growth below my treated hair so by the time I chopped, I had a Teeny Weeny Afro 🙂
So far so good.I have really enjoyed my TWA phase, it’s so easy to maintain.The biggest lesson I’ve learnt this far is the importance of moisture to kinky hair.Be it  water or a water-based moisturiser or conditioner, our hair is like a plant..you gatta water it if you want it to grow and stay healthy.I can’t stress on the value of sealing in moisture with oils, creams and butters.I have been using castor, coconut and olive oils which have worked just fine but I am on the hunt for affordable Shea Butter.I’ll keep you guys updated on that since most of the natural girls I’ve talked to seem to have the same problem.We however found some Ghanaian Shea Butter at a store in Greenhouse on Ngong Rd but it was a little pricey at 250ksh for a 50mg tub.

Anyone with any useful leads?
One last thing I’ll touch on about the TWA is styling.Colourful accessories always and I mean ALWAYS work.Be it earrings, headbands, scarves,hairclips, you name it

It also helps to look up different styles from natural hair forums incase you feel the fro getting a little too monotonous. Protective styling comes in handy too(weaves, braids, variations of conrows). It helps with hair growth and reduces manipulation especially when your hair is at that ‘I’m-just-not-sure-what-to-do with-this’ phase. Just make sure the salonist doesn’t pull on your edges, and that you don’t leave braids in too long as this will cause hairline loss.
Enjoy your kinks girls. We sure as hell love to see you on the streets being beautiful, natural and proud.



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