Flat Twistout:Trial #1

I was on Tumblr the other day mostly browsing through the natural hair blogs, trying to learn new tricks from all the lovely naturalistas on there. I stumbled upon this blog that I  definitely recommend if you’re looking for a wide variety of natural hairstyles. I was particularly interested in how to do a flat Twistout on my kinky hair and this pic from the blog got me determined


    [image source: http://yeahsexyweaves.tumblr.com/post/80483854843/twist-out-follow-for-more-styles)

I suspect I would have gotten better results if I used my Ecostyler with some Shea Butter but I didn’t have any so I settled for the Organics Moisturising Cream that I’ve mentioned in previous posts. (I’m still on the lookout for Shea Butter girls so I’d appreciate any leads 🙂
I dampened my hair then started my twistout. For a beginner like me, it’s a little complicated trying to co-ordinate the two-strand twisting while making a cornrow too. I nearly gave up a couple of times but I hang in there and are the results 🙂




The fact that my hair is still a TWA made it hard for me to get a good grip on my hair while twisting so it turned out a little untidy but I feel I did a good job for a first time attempt. Three cheers for me! 🙂 🙂 🙂
For a detailed tutorial on how to do the flat twistout, try this
After I was done, I spritzed my hair with my water-conditioner-coconut oil mixture and wrapped it under my satin bonnet overnight( the longer it stays the more defined the curls get)




Hmmh :-/ so these were the results.I thought it was a loser curl than the one I got from my Ecostyler review here
Still, I liked it 🙂
Plus it lasted for the weekend.

Verdict: I like the idea of the flat twistout but I’m more impressed by the results on longer hair( from the pics posted by the natural community). Me and my TWA will however stick to the basic two-strand twist till I get some length.
What do you guys think of the flat twistout? Has anyone has tried it yet? Do share.



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