Home-Made Aloe Review

A lot has been said about the benefits of aloe on skin and hair, including moisturizing, dandruff reduction and improving hair growth. I found a helpful summary here, so when I went to my folks place last weekend I was really excited to try out a bunch of home made aloe recipes.
I found the aloe plant in the corner of the garden, next to a wild berry plant that had me nostalgic for my childhood. Glee! Such good times!



We washed the leaves and peeled them off,  taking care not to cut off too much gel of with the peel.


We blended the gel with a few rosemary leaves for the fragrance and added some avocado in because who doesn’t love avocado? It’s a great moisturizer and leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny.


This was the end product.


I decided to formulate my own shampoo using the mixture. I mixed a quarter cup with 3tbsp honey and 2 tbsp of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) which I use as a clarifier (cleanses and removes accumulated product from hair), washed my hair with it and rinsed it out.
ACV tends to leave my hair brittle but honey is a natural humectant (substance that absorbs and/or retains water) so that plus the avocado countered that dryness.
I then made a deep conditioner using quarter a cup of the aloe-avocado mixture, quarter a cup of coconut oil (one of my favourite hair AND cooking ingredients) and quarter cup Tresamme Flawless Curls conditioner, slathered it on my hair (it looked so yummy)


and slept in it under a shower cap for that intense conditioning.
I washed the conditioner off in the morning and my hair felt luxuriously soft and had a glorious shine. It however left these gel sediments in my hair 😦 I have since learnt that one needs to strain the aloe gel to avoid  this) and a lot of rosemary twigs.


I used a t-shirt to remove most of the debris but I still had some left in there. I ended up having to use my fingers to remove the remnant (such a biblical term, lol) leaving me with a lot of frizz :-/ A bit of a disappointment.
Overall, I liked the effect of the aloe on my hair. I just have to do some straining next time so as not to repeat this mishap. And the rosemary twigs, well I’m not sure what to do about those. I am taking suggestions, so feel free to comment.
Has any of you tried home made aloe on their hair? We would love to hear from you.
I’m going to be doing a henna review next and I’m pretty excited about that so don’t touch that dial 😀



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