Wash day disaster!!

Hey girls!!
I wanted to share a shampoo experience I had early this week that disappointed my fro greatly. First off, my usual wash day routine is doing a pre-poo with whatever oil I have on hand, usually Coconut oil or Olive oil. My hair is a mix of 4b at the front and 4c for the rest of the hair, so it has a low porosity – it absorbs moisture poorly and loses it really fast – I find that pre-pooing helps prevent excess moisture loss when I wash my hair. Usually, I cleanse my hair as opposed to shampooing it, using 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (kshs 210 at Naivas on Ronald Ngala Street)


in 2 cups of water. This works well in getting rid of product build up, cleaning my scalp andΒ  leaving my hair shinny and healthy looking.
This week,I decided to switch things up a little and use a shampoo my sister and I got a while back but hardly ever use.We decided to give it a try because it has Shea Butter and extra Virgin olive oil in it. It was ksh 520 at the Beauty Options on Ronald Ngala.


Despite pre-pooing for a few hours,the wash results were terrible.My hair was softer before than after the wash 😦 I was cursing the whole time after I deep conditioned and rinsed.



I don’t know if you guys can tell but Lord!!! It’s like steelwool had just replaced my precious fro 😦
My Auntie touched it and said it felt like firewood. Seriously zero chills from her. And she said it in Kikuyu so it sounded way worse :/
I assume it’s because the shampoo has sulphates and other natural hair unfriendly ingredients so that’s a lesson learnt the hard way.
I asked Marion for advice on what to do and she recommended deep conditioning with a mixture of my Tresemme conditioner, an egg, avocado,honey and a little coconut oil, which is what I’ve done.I’ll post up the results. I really hope the mix does my hair good.
Lesson Learnt: Always look out for sulphates and petroleum in shampoo and other products if you want your natural hair to prosper. Definitely won’t be using it again .If you can, just use your Apple Cider Vinegar,or check out other recommendations by a blogger I love here



3 thoughts on “Wash day disaster!!

  1. Thanks for the heads up…I saw someone buying this the other day at Beauty wholesale and was thinking about getting it the next time I was there…you just saved me a bundle! πŸ™‚

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