Henna Review

As promised, I’m doing my henna review today. I’ve been thinking of dying my hair but I’ve been afraid of damaging my curls with chemicals.
Then I heard about henna. Here’s two naturals that took me to school about it.



The pdf on that curly nikki site is really good so go on and download it if you’re super interested.

Henna colours natural hair with a reddish tint but it takes several applications for you to witness results. I have hennad once before, it’s a tedious and messy process. But here’s the picture I found on Tumblr that got me back on that henna tip. I mean look at that. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

I bought this Muhendi henna from the Tuskys behind Archives in town for ksh 310. I read about the brand on the kurly kichana website.

I used this amount of henna because my hair is short. If you have longer hair, you’ll probably need to use more. I mixed it with half a cup of tea from two tea bags, a bottle cap of the Apple Cider, and juice from half a lemon.




These help extract the colour from the henna. I put in some honey too to make it easier to wash out and because henna tends to dry your hair. It’s actually also a protein treatment.

I let it sit overnight The longer you can do let it sit, the better. Here’s what it looked like the next morning


I spread it throughout my hair


and let it sit for a day AND a night –  determination has a face, and it’s mine 🙂

I washed my hair out next morning. My curl was definitely looser but there was no colour that I could see. My mother said it looked a bit like kwashiakor, so I took some consolation in that. Haha.
It felt brittle and I had to deep condition with my banana-avocado-honey mixture and it felt much better after.
Sadly I didn’t get any pictures but fear not! This will not be my last dalliance with henna. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, and next time I promise to have pictures. Take care of yourselves till then.


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