Washday disaster follow-up

After my sister’s advice on what I should do about my ‘steelwool hair’ situation from my last post, I did some research on the benefits of each of the ingredients I wanted to use on my hair.It was interesting to read all the good reviews and positive information on avocado use on natural hair.I found this link most helpful not only for avocado, but for egg use too (emphasis on doing your rinse with cool water). So I mixed the following :-

– One tablespoon of honey.
– One medium green avocado (finely blended).
– One egg.
– A little Tresemme conditioner
I  dampend my hair then massaged the smooth pudding on it, making sure every strand on my head was covered. It was very relaxing too. After that, I put a shower cap on and left it on for the whole night.
My hair was definitely softer and less brittle after I rinsed it  the following morning. I would say it really helped with my hair texture.
I have been feeling like my hair could be healthier looking though.So my new goal is to look for a deep conditioner that will work for my hair. I had a conversation with a natural I met at ihub who has one of the most fabulous fro-puffs I’ve seen in a while (sadly didn’t take any pics 😦 She recommended the organics tubs that have carrot oil or tea-tree. I’ve seen those at the Beauty Options at Thika Road Mall so I’ll try and buy a tub there.
I’ve decided to do a cornrow style on my hair first, though, as I wait for the products we are shipping in to get here. It feels like it’s taking forever! At least my hair will hopefully be longer and ready for experimenting with a few 🙂
I’ll keep you posted though.



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