Judy in Transition

Hey guys. My name is Judy. I’ll be turning 25 this June which is extremely nerve racking. I remember when I used to think 25 year olds were soooo old, but anyways I digress. I am the transitioning one of the group. It’s been almost 5 months since I had a relaxer. I’ve always debated about going natural but never quite committed to it.  So why haven’t I done the big chop? That’s easy to answer. VANITY!!! I have never cut my hair shorter than chin length and I have no idea what I would look like without it. I’ve always received compliments on my hair so the vain part of me which is pretty major doesn’t want to let that go.

Transitioning hair requires a lot more maintenance since you’re dealing with two different textures. I get the ends trimmed frequently to reduce breakage and keep it as healthy as possible. The pictures below is the current length of my hair and growth.(Ignore the boy)Image

My hair is also very dry and requires a lot of moisture to keep it happy. I usually wash it once a week. I do it on the weekends when I have the time since it’s a long process. (I’m lazy when it comes to my hair so anything that requires more than 15 minutes is too long). The night before I apply coconut oil all through my hair applying a generous amount. I wrap it, put a shower cap on a let it stay overnight.ImageIn the morning, I wash my hair first with organics olive oil shampoo. In addition to dry hair I’m prone to alot of dandruff. This shampoo helps to take care of it. I then use one n only agarn oil shampoo followed by the restorative mask that I let sit for about 10 minutes. I alternate between the restorative mask and dark and lovely protein intensive conditioner. They are both great at minimizing breakage. Once I’m done, I use a t shirt instead of a towel to dry my hair. This also helps minimize breakage. (Clearly minimizing breakage is a big selling point for me 🙂 ). Once it’s mostly dry I use Cantu Shea butter strengthening treatment. I still use heat on my hair as far a blow drying and Cantu helps create a barrier and protects my hair from heat damage. And voila!!! I’m done after what seems like years I’m done.

Collage 2014-05-28 00_57_34

I am very excited about this hair journey. If you guys have any tips on how to maintain moisture or even protective hairstyles I would love to try them out.  xoxo.


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