Shea Butter


So what’s all the Shea butter fuss within the natural hair community about? Why is this Butter so good for mine and your kinks? Glad you asked.
I have been reading on the history, uses and benefits of this ‘miracle’ Butter found only in East and West Africa and I am impressed by what I found.Shea Butter has been used in Africa for centuries owing to its numerous benefits, so our grannies and great grannies had the secret formula to gorgeous, radiant skin and healthy hair all along.
Shea Butter is extracted from the  nuts of the Shea- Karite tree, the process of extracting and refining the butter is mostly done by women and girls in villages.
It’s classified into refined and unrefined Shea. The refined Shea is modified to tone down the raw smell (which I don’t think is a bad smell at all). I prefer the unrefined Butter with all of Mother Nature’s benefits intact.
Why and How to Use Shea Butter
– Shea Butter is considered to be mother nature’s gift to black skin as it acts as a moisturizer, leaving dry skin looking radiant and healthy. Since its rich in minerals and vitamins which are good for the skin, Shea can be mixed into your everyday moisturizer to enhance it’s benefits.
-Shea Butter has anti-inflammatory properties which come in handy when your scalp is feeling itchy, dry or has dandruff. Its easily absorbed in the skin therefore soothes the scalp and helps it regain it’s healthy state.
-Shea Butter is a natural moisturiser and therefore is good for all hair types – natural, relaxed or coloured.African hair is coily, curly or kinky and due to its texture, the natural sebum produced through the scalp finds it hard to move from the roots to the ends.Shea Butter helps with that. It can be used on its own or mixed in your conditioner for better results
-Shea Butter is a sealant.Remember the LOC method that we use on a daily basis for natural hair? Well, Shea is used to seal in the liquid/water that you spritz on your hair so as to prevent moisture loss and since its easily absorbed in hair, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy. Plus only a small amount is required.
-Shea Butter can be used as a heat protectant, for those of us whose hair dressers still insist on blowdrying your hair (a recent experience that I’ll definitely blog about.) Natural hair requires you avoid heat as much as you can and if you must use a heat protectant to shield your curls from too much heat damage. So before you expose your hair to heat, you can use mother nature’s gift to protect your hair from drying out too much and getting brittle.
Shea Butter is worth all the praise it gets in my opinion. It leaves the hair softer, repairs dry, brittle hair and protects your edges too.The benefits it has on your skin are a definite plus!
Do tell us of your Shea Butter experiences. And for the girls that would like some, you can always email us on or call/text/whatsapp us on 0725466132.

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