My Protective Styles

Ever since I decided to keep my hair natural, I’ve had to get a little creative on the styles I choose because I fear for my hairline.
Right before I transitioned, I had braids that literally left my hairline bald when I took them out. Since then, I have experimented with a few weaves which btw didn’t do my edges any good either. I figured it was either the hair salonists I was seeing( I wasn’t faithful back then lol) or the styles I was choosing for my Afro.So I made a conscious decision to put different variations of cornrows for this whole year and see how much of a difference it makes on my hair’s general health.
So far so good! I’ll be putting up my hairstyles plus the sources of my inspiration. So far I’ve only put three styles because I actually love my TWA free, but there are times I get bored of that one look or feel like I need to do something to it so it can grow and also give my hair ends a break.
1.The Frohawk
I absolutely loved having this style on. Why? Cuz I used to look at women rocking their Frohawk and feel like I’d die of envy.I mean,look at this:


I got that pic off Tumblr a while back, so if any of you know her or the original source, feel free to inform me. But damn! Look at her hair.A sista had to get that style by any means necessary. So how did the style look on my natural hair?



Weave used: Dora No:1/33 by Fashion idol.

I wish I’d taken better pics back then but I hope you girls get the concept.I got small cornrows on both sides of my hair to meet at the center and then got a zig-zagged cornrow at the center running from front to back.The salonist then put the Dora weave on the middle zig-zagged line to give the Frohawk look. I had to trim it a little and use bow accessories most of the time but I would definitely use this style again.

2.Chimamanda’s Style
First of all,Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of my idols. I love everything about her, her work and her style. If any of you girls hasn’t read her books, please do. You’ll thank me later.My personal favourite is Americanah  which kept me up for 3 nights straight because I just couldn’t put the book down.Plus she looks into  the politics of natural African hair and makes you really think about all issues hair. But anyway, this style of hers got me captivated when I first saw her wearing it


Btw this style is what sealed my loyalty to my salonist because after taking this picture to multiple salonists, they just didn’t seem to understand how to make my hair look exactly like this. But my salonist, girl!! She went on mad genius mode immediately I showed the pic to her. This was the result:


Braid used:Afrokinky No: 1/33
That’s me and my friend Bree( hi girl!!) I loved the results.I didn’t have any complains.She basically just cornrowed my hair into a ‘mosodo’ ( kizungu ngumu my people, pardon me) then just before the cornrow reached the end,she added the braid.Good thing about this style was that I had the liberty to style the top part however I liked since she didn’t fasten it. Also the fact that I could free my hair after a long day unlike a weave.

3: Mixed cornrows and rasta
This is the style I have on currently.I chose it because I wanted to use these gorgeous braids I’d been seeing ladies use on their hair for cornrows. My original vision for how I wanted the style to be was inspired by pictures I found on pin interest. My favourite was this:


As her watermark says,their  Tumblr and twitter handle is (@touchofheavensalon) you can find a whole wide variety of natural hair styles on there.
So initially I wanted my hair to look alot like that, but since I was using braids to do the cornrows,I decided to have the lines meeting at the top of my head aka ‘mosodo’.The results


Closer look at the cornrows:


Closer look at the rasta:



Braids used: Hi-Yaki No 133 for the rasta(she had to thread and hot water it to get that look), Abuja long  No:1 for the cornrows.
I was sceptical about the results at first, but it grew on me after a couple of days, especially when I accessorised it using this flower thingys I bought from La Mar. Check them out for more African accessories.

My haircare regimen for now is using castor oil and coconut oil in my hair and scalp before I sleep and before I leave the house.I spritz my hair 3 times a week cz I want this style to last for around 3-4 weeks. Any tips on how to manage braided/conrowed will be much appreciated.

Those are all the styles I’ve done with my hair since I big chopped. Hope this article was helpful and will spark the creative hair spirit in you lol. I’d love your feedback or comment if any.



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