Okay so not really but it feels like it. As I explained in my intro post I’m currently transitioning rather than doing the big chop. Lately however I’ve been shedding A LOT of hair, so much so that I freaked out and sent a pic to Marion, Stellah, and Carol to get reassurance that it was all in my head and i was being dramatic (I tend to do that).  No such luck.  Apparently I am shedding way to much hair.


This should not come as a surprise to me since I’m lazy about my hair. Luckily the vain side of me overshadows the lazy side and I decided to be more proactive. I bought hair mayonnaise ( this was before Marion did her mayonnaise review) which I wish I would have waited on and saved some money. But anyways, I washed my hair with sulfate free shampoo and drenched my hair with the hair mayonnaise before covering it with a shower cap to let it do its magic.


While I waited I watched the Ghana -Portugal match. 😦 Can I say though, I’m so glad I’m not a sports fanatic. I can’t imagine this kind of heart break on a regular basis. We were so close to advancing, and then it fell apart. It’s okay though, Africa still has two teams left. #TeamAfrica. I’m keeping hope alive.

After the match I rinsed out my hair with cold water and dried it off with a t shirt. I must say it felt really soft afterwards. I’ll keep using this product and also try out regular mayonnaise too.  I’m hoping for a hair comeback.  If you guys have any tips on how to prevent or reduce breakage please pweeeeety please do share.  I’m on a different level of desperate right now.

xoxo – Judy


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