Why Natural Hair?

We’ve talked to loads of girls that simply don’t see the need to ‘struggle’ with natural hair maintenance.Well, we get that. For years, we had a relaxer on our hair because we couldn’t imagine having deal with this kinky African hair every day. Plus when we were teenagers, everyone was doing it, we really wanted to fit in. We actually wore my mum’s resistance down after years of her saying no.

But honestly, when we started reading up on the damage relaxers do to your hair, how they alter your hair structure, leaving it weak and susceptible to breakage and harm your scalp (everyone with relaxed hair has a story about leaving the salon after a retouch with scalp burns) we decided to go natural and to come up with a helpful, resourceful site and shop where our Kenyan girls, ladies and women could access good natural hair maintenance and styling tips. We hope to allow you to be proud of who you are and what grows on your head naturally. And to be able to style your hair for work, a wedding, a hot date, or just to be fabulous.

The stigma surrounding natural hair as ‘ugly’ and ‘hard to maintain’ has to end. It’s starts with us. When we accept and love ourselves for who we are, we redefine the normalised African woman’s image. We get to know who we are, our power, our strength and our beauty.

So the next time you think about relaxing your hair, please read up on it and make an informed decision. We have provided a good link above. If you think of giving natural hair a try ,welcome to the movement, love your crown 🙂

We know everyone has their own reasons for doing it, but we’d really appreciate any stories you may want to share. Document your journey and maybe you’ll encourage one more sister 🙂 🙂

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