Transitioning Hair Styles

I know we’ve been MIA the last couple of weeks and we are sorry. Life got a little busy. But on the bright side, we got East African Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado oil and Sesame Oil in bulk for personal use and for any of you girls that are interested in enjoying the natural, nutritious goodness of these products. Hit us up anytime 🙂

I digress. The main purpose of this article is to show you girls the hairstyles that I did while transitioning(maintaining both relaxed and natural hair growing from the roots at once) to natural hair. I’ll be stating the pros and cons of each and ofcourse putting up pics with that. So here we go…


Braids Used: Abuja Long in Dark brown and Golden Brown

-First of all, these colours were popping!!
-They are thick so they didn’t take that long to get done.
-The length was just above my waist *hair flip* hehe.
– I could easily style them. Check out the pic below with my girl.



No cons on this one.My hairline was intact,my hair didn’t shed.It was an awesome style, hands down.



This was a picture taken during Octoberfest with one of my boys 😀 I don’t remember the type of braid the salonist used 😦 but it was a long braid which is easy on twist outs.

-Looks neat and presentable
-Lasted a LOOOONG time.I’m talking 2 months atleast.
– Was so easy to style.Buns,ponytail etc.
-Gave my hair the most gorgeous curls when I took it out.Check out the pic below.


The joy!!!!!

– The pain I felt when getting braided easily goes into my top 3 in my entire life bruh.This was no joke. I was about halfway done talking about ‘can we please do the rest tomorrow?’ Never again
-Took forever to get done.I was at Umoja market at 9 and I was leaving at around 4.Na-ah, I ain’t got time for that.
-The braids stressed out my hairline, mainly because they were very thin and tight and also the long duration I had them.


Weave: Fashion idol.
I can’t quite remember the exact weave but if you girls are interested,I can go check it out from a beauty store and I’m sure I’ll be able to identify it.


This is my absolute most favourite hairstyle of the year. This hairstyle was born out of a hair disaster that turned gorgeous!

You know how when you go to the salonist for a weave and they’re not quite sure what to do with the front part they do a few braids between the two cornrow tracks? Well,that was me with this weave. I had a few tiny braids right above my forehead and I hated it.
So I toyed around with it when I got home and brushed a part of the weave to the front and voila!!!!


-Hands down the most adorable style I’ve had.
– Gave me an excuse to accumulate head scarves in my closet because it’s the go-to accessory for this style as you can see the blue scarf above.
-Scarves aside, any other bow accessory went perfect with this style.

– The irony with this style is that it’s the one that ruined my edges the most. I don’t really blame the style, I blame the salonist I went to. Her tight cornrows and micro- braids ‘mastyro’ at the front  really pissed me off.

I don’t have many bad things to say about this hairstyle because I loved it! I’d do it again anyday (with someone that knows how to take care of edges)

Any comments,questions or orders are very much welcome girls.That’s all for today.



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