Sesame Seed Oil

I’ve been slacking with the posting and I’m sorry. It’s with good reason, though. Just came back from a mini vacay in UG. Here’s a pic of me at the King’s Statue in his Parliament in Kampala.


They have a rich history of monarch’s there, Kabaka Muwenda is the thirty sixth and incumbent Kabaka of the Buganda. (They don’t let you in in short dresses or trousers, apparently it’s disrespectful to the king*shrug*), but we had a lovely time.

Anyway, today I’ll do a post on sesame oil and it’s benefits for your hair. It’s derived from sesame seeds and is widely used as a cooking oil.


-Sesame seed oil is rich in both saturated and unsaturated fats. It has linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acid and Oleic Acid, a monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acid that are said to promote hair growth.

-It contains Vitamin E which reduces the damage caused on hair by heat and/or over processing. Massaging it into your hair helps get to get rid of split ends. You can use it in your cooking too and consumption of Vitamin E in sesame seed oil has been shown to increase hair growth by increasing capillary growth therefore increasing blood supply to your scalp.

-It contains Vitamin K which, when consumed, as well as help promote hair growth, is good for your heart, skin and bones!

-Sesame seed has hair darkening properties and regular application helps prevent premature greying.

-Sesame oil is rich with anti-oxidants and acts as a natural sunscreen for your hair. Applying it to your scalp and your strands protects them from damaging effects of UV Rays.

-As with other natural oils, sesame seed oil is great for sealing in moisture and adding luster to your natural hair.

You can use sesame oil as a hot oil treatment, a scalp massage oil, in your deep conditioner and as an everyday sealant if you use the LOC Method.

It also a great cooking and massage oil 😉

If you’d like to try it holla at Stellah on 0725466132 or Judy on 0707644851. As always, we look forward to your feedback.


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