Post protective styling

Four awesome months of natural hair šŸ™‚ I’m so proud of my little fro.It’s made so much progress.The length,texture and general health of my hair took so long to master,can’t say I have fully done so either but it’s a journey and since it gives me so much joy, I’m overly optimistic and excited about it.
So,since my last post where I got a protective hairstyle for my hair,I’ve taken it out and I have to say,I love the progress my fro has made.It’s no longer a TWA( boo hoo). It’s longer and more fabulous.Here is a pic.


See that? That right there is the result of a 1 month 2 strand twist with braids.My hair was so dry though( I’ll put up a post on what products Ive used since) especially the back part which had the braided cornrows? Lord have mercy.I was back to steelwool hair.It actually made me straighten out my beautiful front curls to this:


Not so bad actually though I still missed out on rocking my curls like Marion’s here. I mean,look at her gorgeous mane.I was simply awed.
After I undid my hair,it took me a couple of days to wash and DC it because I was waiting for a product I wanted to try out which I’ll do a review on by next week.The product is ORS replenishing conditioner which I got from Uganda.Details in my next post šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Post protective styling

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