Stellah’s Deep Condition :-)

Hey girls!! So I’m finally doing my post after weeks of promising (please don’t judge me lol) We have been so busy. We really appreciate the girls who’ve made orders for our products; Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Juice, Sesame seed oil and Avocado oil.. The few minutes we bonded over natural hair taught me alot and were alot of fun. We plan on being as resourceful and helpful as we can 🙂

Back to Deep Conditioning. Since I undid my hair ( see my post-protective styling post), my Afro has been a little dry and brittle. I decided to try the ORS replenishing conditioner which is around 600Kshs for the smaller bottle.


That sheepish smile is the look of satisfaction. Lol. I really loved this product. So these were the steps I followed :-

1. Co-Washed my natural hair.



That was the state of my fro before I co-washed…


I used Tony Airo mint conditioner. I’ve done a reviewof this product before so you girls know I have to pre-poo with coconut oil before I use it because it can be very drying. Let me also add that this is the first and last time I’m buying this product😣😒
After I’ve washed my hair thoroughly and rinsed out the conditioner,

2. Deep Condition

I then took my precious ORS conditioner, mixed it with a little honey and Avocado oil and got down to business.Btw this is a closer look of the conditioner

I always section my hair then comb it through from tip to root with a wide toothed comb. It makes my work so much easier, plus I can then be sure that all my hair is covered so here we go..



When I’m through, I cover my hair with a black shower cap then a woolen bonnet then leave it overnight.


I the rinse out around 70 % of the conditioner and these are the results..



Look at my little fro’s shine!!! My hair is always soft, moisturized and very healthy looking afterwards. I definately give this product a thumbs up for dry and damaged hair. My hair loves it. Have you naturals experimented with it or any other ORS product? Tell us about it!!



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