As I Am cleansing Conditioner Review

Since we’ve had this product in stock for a while now, I was really excited to try it this morning.


First of all, this conditioner smells AMAZING!!! It’s so creamy and coconuty(is that even a word?lol) Well yeah, my hair was a fab purple over the weekend so I needed the colour gone or atleast dumbed down. On top of that, I wanted to cleanse and clarify my hair since I had braids on for around 3 weeks. I have used Apple Cider Vinegar and bi-carbonate Soda in the past, all great clarifyers, but I wanted something that would be superwoman – cleanse, clarify, detangle and condition all at once since I won’t have time for a deep condition until the weekend.
What product claims to do:
-Cleanse hair and scalp ; gently remove residue of all things you’ve used to style.
– Make my detangling easy

So these were my tools for the day ;


A Denman brush for those tiny tangles, and my hair must have had and a wide-toothed comb for spreading the product and combing my hair through from ends to roots.

One of the good things I noticed right away was how I didn’t use as much as I expected to. Around  3 scoops of the light cream was enough. I massaged it into my scalp and rubbed my hair for a few minutes. Then I started sectioning my hair using my wide toothed comb and detangled using the Denman brush


All I need is a rinse out. At this point, I’m loving the softness.


Then dry with a cotton T- Shirt


From the back… (Btw I loved the small purple tint that was left)



With a little help from my bobby pins and Afroliciouske’s Sesame seed oiland Avocado oil , my hair looks and feels clean and healthy. My scalp feels relaxed. I massaged some jojoba oil ( which is the only oil said to have the same molecular structure as the sebum our scalp produces ) in.

I can’t wait to do a DC, can’t believe it will get softer than this. What clarifying or cleansing product are you using for your build up? Share/Comment. We love hearing from you😘



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