Products For Natural Hair; What Do They Do?

Hi girls! We’ve been getting questions about how a lot of natural hair products work so I decided to do a short post on that that might help some new and not-so-new naturals.

like the Creme of Nature Strength and Shine Leave in (pictured below, not in stock but can be found in most beauty stores and a personal favourite of mine) are meant to provide light daily conditioning. They do not need to be rinsed out, just spritz/apply and go.


We have Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in in stock.


This contains Shea Butter as one of it’s main ingredients and can be applied to wet or dry hair as a leave in and can be left on overnight for more intensive conditioning.

2)Instant Conditioners
These are designed to be left on hair for a few minutes, usually no more than five, and rinsed off. These are great for an instant condition in the shower and can be used regularly but do not provide a deep condition and should not replace it. I use alberto balsam as my instant conditioner about once a week, twice if I’ve been working out, because my hair loves it, I love how it smells, and it’s quite affordable at about 300 a bottle in nearly any supermarket.


3)Moisturizing Conditioners
These generally contain water as the first ingredient. They boost moisture, elasticity and reduce frizz. Most moisturizing conditioners are used as deep conditioners.
To get the best results out of moisturizing conditioners, leave them on for 45min to an hour without heat or for even better results, about 15-30mins under a dryer. Heat helps with the adsorption (physics, people) of all that good stuff in your conditioner.
When I can’t go to the salon for the heat I do my work out with the plastic cap on and it works for me. Be careful not to overdo it, though, as this may lead to weakening of the hair and breakage with manipulation. Rinse with cold water to help seal the cuticle.
People have different routines for their hair and you should find what works for you. I try to DC my hair every week, at most every two weeks.
There are a lot of moisturizing conditioners in the market and some even contain some protein to strengthen your hair.
In stock we have the 370ml bottle of ORS Replenishing Conditioner and the psk for those that would just like to try it.



This conditioner contains olive oil, marine proteins and sweet orange oil and is one of my go-to deep conditioners.

We also have the Cream of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment.


This is infused with Argan oil and honey and while I like how this product moisturises my hair, my favourite thing about it is by far it’s smell. This is also available in a bottle that we do not have in stock.
Creme of Nature also have a sulphate-free shampoo that you girls should definitely try.


We also have the ORS Hair Repair and Nourishing Conditioner in a sachet.


This contains banana extracts that moisturize and soften hair while the bamboo extracts strength it.
You can also make yourself a DIY moisturizing conditioner using natural humectants and moisturizers including natural yoghurt, honey, bananas, avocados and a cold pressed extra virgin oil. Try it!

4)Protein Conditioners
These contain protein that temporarily strengthens hair by acting on the hair surface to repair damage. They contain moisturizers, unlike protein treatments.
We have the Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Condition Protein Pack in stock.


This contains Coconut Milk, Keratin and Silk protein to strengthen and moisturize your hair.
DIY protein conditioners include eggs, mayonnaise, henna, mixed in with moisturizers like yoghurt, bananas, avocados and a cold pressed natural oil.

Other products you have probably heard talked about include:-

Protein Treatments which, unlike protein conditioners, are primarily protein based and strengthen hair by replenishing keratin that may have been lost from hair and have no moisturizing effects. Using protein treatments too often can result in dry and brittle hair leading to hair breakage.
Examples of DIY protein treatments include mayonnaise, egg yolks and henna treatments.

Cowashes remove product residue and cleanse hair while conditioning your hair. Depending on your hair, cowashes can replace shampoo almost entirely and can be incorporated into your regimen just like a shampoo.
If you do use shampoo, try to use sulphate-free ones. Sulphates are cleansing agents that strip your hair of it’s natural oils leaving it dry and brittle.
We have the As I Am Coconut Cowash in stock


and this product is all the rage. I use it to wash my hair and my hair loves it!

Styling Gels/Creams/Balms are usually styling aids that help twists, Bantu knots and braids stay together and define curls. Some have conditioning properties.
We have Eco Styler gel Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Firm hold in stock.






Butters/Creams/Puddings/Custards are generally creamy in consistency. Butters usually contain whipped natural butters like mango, shea, cocoa butters. They are heavy moisturizers that may also be styling aids if indicated in the usage instructions.
We have Kinky Curling Custard that contains chamomile, marshmallow and organic aloe juice. It’s both a moisturizer and a styling aid.

We also have Beautiful Textures’ Curl Control Pudding and Moisture Butter which contain Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Rosemary leaf extracts and act as both moisturizers and styling aids.


You can also whip your own butter using Shea and/or Cocoa Butter with a cold pressed oil for use as a DIY styling aid.

This is an inexhaustive summary of some of the products in the market and how you can use them. Different products work differently for different types of hair and you may need to do a little experimentation before you can find what works for you.
It’s also important that you read the ingredient lists and descriptions for use. If you’re still unsure how a product works, there’s a lot of information on the internet and you can always email or call the manufacturer.

I hope you girls find this useful. Do tell us what products you use and how you use them. Pics always appreciated. And if you would like to order any of our products you can reach us on 0725466132 or 0707644851
Thank you for all the support so far. Y’all are awesome💋💋💋


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7 thoughts on “Products For Natural Hair; What Do They Do?

    • Thanks for coming to our blog!! We don’t have the As I Am Defining cream unfortunately. However, we have the Beautiful Texture’s Curl Control Defining Pudding which serves the same purpose and goes for 1200. Maybe read some reviews and get back to us?

      • Thanks I have checked there.
        It is meant to define your the curls and give some hold.
        Please be free to share tips with me especially what you learned in your transitioning journey.
        To start with shampoos to use; I want to try treseme shampoos

      • Haven’t tried the Tres ame(?) Shampoos cuz I Cowash but i do know it’s low sulphate so should be gentler on your hair than regular shampoo. Share your experience with us if you do decide to try it.

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