Colorful scarf alert!!!

I have a confession..After I wore my hair in chunky twists for a week I got too lazy and busy to DC  and style my hair over the weekend. That’s right, my hair will have to wait till I find sometime within the week.
Meanwhile, I found this long blue scarf that immediately gave me a few ideas on how I can style my fro which btw is running a little cray cray 😨

1. Front Bow




Pretty sure I’ll try this on my nieces this holiday so they can look like Christmas gifts LOL..

2.Side Bow


I thought this was adorable too. Especially for Sunday strolls in Nairobi.

3.Scarf as a headband

Is it just me or do the strechy bands we get from town lose their elasticity a little too fast? Well, I found another option for myself anyway.



Perfect for casual and office settings.

4.Pineapple Head 😛
For those sistas whose hair isn’t long enough to get to a bun yet

Front view


Side View


Back View


I settled on on this style because I thought it has a nice and simple twist to it. I had to use some bobby pins to lift the back part a little and hold the scarf edges in place but Im not complaining. I felt too Afrolicious :);)💅


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