Essential tools for the Afrolicious :):)

How are your fros doing? I have to say I’m constantly in awe when walking on the streets of Nairobi cuz you women are on point!! Can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to stop and ask for a selfie with one of you lovely ladies but had to tuck the creep in. Lol. 😂😂

Anyway, today I’ve decided to do a piece on what tools I’ve found essential for my hair so far and hopefully some of you will find it useful.

1.Spritz bottle


Yeah, I know y’all are jealous of my kitty spritzer 😈😈. This is where I put my Leave-In mix(Water+Aloe Vera Juice or Water+conditioner).Serves me well all day, err’day.

2.Denman Brush


If you walk into any beauty store, you will find these lifesavers. So what are their uses?
-Detangle hair faster and more thoroughly. You still have to stick to the sectioning and brushing from ends to roots tips, but if the wide toothed comb or finger detangling isn’t for you, this is a good replacement.
-Define curls. For those of us with kinkier hair and use the shingling method. I found a very well detailed blog for those who aren’t familiar with the shingling method here
-Spread product evenly throughout hair. When it comes to conditioners or styling products such as gel, this is perfect.
– I have found that when I want a sleek look on my sides like the pic below,this does the trick.


3.Wide toothed comb


Loads of naturals swear by it. Who wouldn’t? It comes in handy when:-

-Spreading product throughout hair.

4.Bobby Pins


These come in different sizes; Small,medium and large. These little babies are lifesavers. They:-

-Give your hair and braids a great hold
-Assist in any form of styling. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been late for something and had to do a random, fast do with them.
5.My Fro Combs


These are perfect for frohawks,high puffs and any other  styles that need a hold. I got mine from Ebrahims on Moi Avenue for 45/= each. Totally worth it.
6. Satin bonnet/scarf/pillowcase



I think this should have been among the first.Cotton pillowcases are a no-no as they aren’t gentle on your tresses and also take moisture from them. The satin material is perfect for protecting your hair while you get some good night sleep. They are pretty comfortable too..Check the beauty stores for some.

Those are my basic tools for natural hair, what are yours? Feel free to share.


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