One Year In

On New Year’s Eve 2013 I BC’d my hair. I just wanted to do something different (I’d been in the same bangs hairstyle for about two years) I was a bit apprehensive about it at first, and everyone told me I’d regret cutting my ‘long’ hair image (what is our obsession with hair length?) As it turned out, I loved my short hair:):) image It’s been a year  of me learning the do’s and don’ts of natural hair and a journey of self love despite family, friends, even strangers having unsolicited opinions  about  my ‘short’ or ‘untidy’ hair. I ❤💕💓 my nappy.

Protective Styling
In that one year,  I have braided my hair twice. Both times I talked my salonists into not using heat on my hair (no easy task, I can assure you)
-I cowashed  my hair the morning I planned on braiding my hair and detangled it thoroughly with a wide tooth comb. -I made sure my hair was damp by the time I got to the salon and carried a little leave-in in my spritzer in case my hair got dry during the braiding. It’s  much easier to work on my hair while it’s damp but it was an uphill battle convincing the salonists of this too.  (What happened to ‘the customer is always right’?) Both times I did a braid-out and rocked it for about a week after taking them down. I loved the curls it gave me. image          (Braids used;Soft Dreadz) image       (Braids used;Curly Piece)

Taking Care of Braided Hair
While my hair was in braids I spritzed it with some leave-in and some oil every two days and made sure I slept in a satin bonnet. I usually keep my braids on for 4-6 weeks. Both braids have been twists so I undid them gently when taking them down and was left with gorgeous curls

My Natural Hair Regimen
It took some trial and error but I can say now that I have a regimen that I consider satisfactory. Remember every one’s hair is different and what works for my hair may not necessarily work on yours.
-I cowash using the As I Am Coconut Cleansing Cowash every week,
-I then DC using the ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner. I try to go to the salon and sit under a drier for 30mins but when I can’t, I usually just put on a black shower cap and sit under the sun or do chores for 2hrs then rinse.
-I spritz my hair daily with my home made leave-in which usually contains the ORS replenishing conditioner or Alberto Balsam Apple conditioner mixed in with some water and some glycerin.
-I also spritz my hair with some oil (avocado, sesame and coconut are my current favourites) to seal my hair after the leave in and style as desired.
-I henna my hair once a month and do a coconut hot oil treatment about once a month too.
-I do my twist-outs when I’m feeling motivated(maybe once a month😩😩, I should definitely do better) with Afroliciouske Shea Butter. I’ve used Ecostyler Olive Oil but it tends to flake in my hair and I don’t like the crunchy feel it leaves. I’ve found that Shea Butter leaves my hair much softer, with the same definition though it generally lasts a shorter time.

Length Check! image I’d say we’re doing well. I’m not really obsessed with length though I do experience envy for longer hair sometimes. I’m a lazy natural so the thought of sectioning and detangling long hair is not a particularly attractive one. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I do have to admit that I’m curious what my long curly hair will look like, so Onwards, Onwards.

Hair Goals For 2015
I would like to have healthier hair in 2015. I’ve been slacking on trimming my edges and will do better. I will also experiment with styling my hair now that it’s at a length that I can and will definitely take and share more pics with you girls, my natural hair sistren. Do you have any hair goals for 2015? Do share with us. You know we love hearing from you.


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