Bantu Knot Out Using Afroliciouske Shea Butter.

So I attempted my first Bantu Knot Out on Sunday. Followed my usual regimen; Cowash and DC then used Afroliciouske Shea Butter for the Knot-Out.


For good definition, it’s best to style wet hair and take it down when hair is completely dry. Monday morning came too soon and the middle of my hair was not quite dry but the front and the back were (thankfully)
One thing this natural life has definitely taught me is how to roll with the punches. It’s helpful that people generally think our hair is ‘different’ (read ‘weird’ ‘untidy’ or ‘is that deliberate?’)and I guess I should be thankful for a work environment that ‘permits’ me to wear my hair out, though it’s strange that work places would allow so many poorly maintained weaves (disclaimer: I have nothing against weaves. I have been known to rock one or two in my time) but balk at natural hair.
I liked the front but the middle was really frizzy and just would not lie down (you can kinda see it in the pics)


Decided to use a small, plain, black Alice Band to force it down and went to work. I think it looked nice. Thoughts?




How do you wear your natural hair to work? In our campaign to put Kenyan Naturals on our IG and on the internet at large(haha), kindly send us photos on or #Afroliciouske. We’d love to feature you.

Also, follow us IG:Afroliciouske and have a lovely week!


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