Protective Styling No.100004th

Hey girls! How are the Fros?

I decided to do a protective hairstyle because I want a ‘fuller’ hairline (see pic below)

After doing my research (we take this very seriously😁😁) on the internet, I found the perfect style. I’m a big fan of cornrows because they are really gentle on the hairline, which is almost never the case with braids and weaves.
Side note: I’ve heard good things about crochet weaving and braiding but I haven’t tried myself. Will be sure to try it soon and share my experience with you girls. Have you tried it? Tell us about it or send us a picture. We love featuring protective styles on our IG (afroliciouske) , too.
Gorgeous, right? I thought so. So the next step was to find a braid that would give me a neat twist out and cornrows. My salonist adviced me to get the ‘Xpression’ braid by darling..

When I went to the stores, one pack was 300 and something. I really wasn’t willing to pay that much since I needed 4 braids. So I went West African:):)


I got this long Nigerian Xpression braid that I’m completely in love with😍 Matter of fact, we decided to stock it so you can order yours for just 250/= What’s even better? You only need 3 of these to achieve the hairstyle. Feel free to order on 0725466132.
Have you seen the length?


Just too dope!!

How am I taking care of my hair? I’m making sure to oil my scalp with a mix of jojoba oil , avocado oil and sesame seed oil right after spritzing with a little water+conditioner mix. I do this twice or thrice a week.

What’s your go to protective style? As always, we love hearing from you. And getting your pictures.
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3 thoughts on “Protective Styling No.100004th

  1. You look lovely. Ive been salivating over doing such a protective style but my edges hate braid extensions kabisa. Ive been growing them out for a year now using twists and cornrows with own hair and they are filling out nicely. I think I will wait a few more months and try the braids with extentions. Hopefully my edges will be feeling them again. How long are you planning to keep the style?

    • Thankyou Dear!!! Trust me I know what you mean about the braid extensions; I was apprehensive about it at first but now, I Love them!!!
      Let’s see whether the hairline will be stronger by the time I get rid of them(hopefully 3 weeks) I’ll definitely keep you girls updated 😙😙

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