Sweet Almond Oil


The almond is a species of tree native to the Middle East and South Asia. Sweet almond oil is obtained from the dried kernel of sweet almonds.

Almonds are a rich source of oil, the highest component being monounsaturated (oleic acid,an omega-9 fatty acid), linoleic acid (a polyunsaturated omega-6 essential fatty acid), and some saturated fatty acid.

The sweet almond oil has a slight odour and a nutty taste.


✨It is a great sealant for all that good moisture for your hair.

✨Due to it’s high content of saturated and mono unsaturated fats, it penetrates the hair shaft pretty well and will act as a good moisturiser (not as good as EVCO or EVOO, though)

✨Contains Vitamins A, B and E as well as omega fatty acids that promote hair growth and prevent breakage.

✨Adds shine to hair and really does give it a silky feel.

✨It’s also a good heat protector so apply it to your hair before heat application to prevent heat damage.


✨Sweet Almond Oil is a good emollient, and can be used to lubricate the skin during a massage session.

✨It removes dirt and dead skin while moisturizing your skin. This makes it ideal for makeup removal and a great oil for your sugar or salt face scrub.
You can use it for chapped lips, too.

✨It prevents and relieves sunburn.

✨Reduces dark circles under the eyes. For best results apply the oil before going to bed and allow it to work while you sleep. Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll be sure to notice a difference.

How do you use your sweet almond oil? Wanna try it out? We have some on sale. Call/text/whatsapp us on 0725466132 or 0707644850 for your order. Free deliveries in the CBD 🙂

Have a wonderful week

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