African Threading on my Kenyan hair 💁💁

What do you ‘No-Heat’ girls do to stretch your hair?  I’m a fan of bantu knots and twistouts(see here , here and here ) They have never let me down. But I woke up on Sunday feeling like I needed my hair stretched out for different styles within the week.My sister had bought the African thread  earlier


(4 bundles like the one above cost 500/=)
I was pretty excited to give it a try.
So on washday,

1.Baking Soda Rinse
To cleanse and clarify my hair.

2.Deep Condition
My ORS has been over for a while now so I decided to get a Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning treatment
P.S. It smells amazing


I don’t think one is enough though :?:? I ended up mixing with the remaining ORS Protein pack from last month and some shea butter.


3.Detangling and rinsing
After letting the DC sit for around 2 hours, I rinsed while finger  detangling.

4.Moisturizing and Sealing
Applied the Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In Repair Creme.


Since we are giving whipped butters a try, we made one with some Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil.


Turned out so smooth and minty and delicious smelling mmmhh 😍😍

The threads were the perfect length for my hair plus you need less than one bunch.
I sectioned my hair, tied a knot on the end of one of the thread then tied it to the root and tightly coiled it on my hair until the ends,then made another knot.These were the results..


It took me around 45mins but I think it will take less time with more practice.Plus my sections were really small.

6.Taking down the thread
-I undid the knot at the end then uncoiled the thread.
-As usual, I put some Cantu leave in and sealed with beautiful textures Curl defining pudding .The results..


The joy in my heart!!! My hair was as stretched as when I had a braid out here


I even had better defined curls:D:D

Definitely a worthy investment!!

Here is an infographic of other hair stretching methods popular in the natural hair community. Whats your cup of tea?


PS. Since I had bought four bunches of the thread and only used less than one, I’m putting two up for sale at Ksh100 each. Holla at me if you’re interested. 0725466132



Flexirods, Bantu Knots and my new 💓 , Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner.

Apologies for the silence, loves.We’ve been really busy and we appreciate all the Love and Support 😚😘

Happy International Women’s day!!! Honestly, I’d missed my fro alot as much as my protective style allowed me to be lazy 😦 Finally got around to unbraiding after which I rocked my braidout for a whole week and a half (shamelessly)..


I had really bad split ends.So after a week and a half, it was time to Deep Condition my dry tresses and also trim my ends..
So this is what I did.

Hot Oil Treatment.

– Mixed all the Afroliciouske oils(Avocado, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Sesame Seed  and Coconut Oils) in a plastic container then dipped them in another container that had hot water until oils were warm.

-I dampened my hair using warm water to open up those hair follicles, poured a considerate amount of the oil mix and used the prayer method to spread it.

-Massaged my scalp to stimulate growth.

-Rinsed it off with water after 15mins.

Cleansing, Detangling & Cowash.
I have blogged about this step before when I was reviewing the As I Am Cleansing Conditioner here and I’m glad  the product still works for me and I’m still on my first tab..Thumbs up As I Am!!! 👍👍

Deep Condition
-Marion and I are using the same product for our DCs right now which is the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. She did her review here. She didn’t really get much moisturisation. Seeing as my hair has a low porosity which means it needs a thorough deep condition, I decided to add some Shea Butter and Enliven Coconut and Vanilla Conditioner.

-I let it sit in my hair for a whole afternoon under a shower cap and bennie for the extra heat then rinsed most of it off.

Prep for Flexirods

Ladies, this is where I got to discover a brilliant product..

-First off, I trimmed those stubborn split ends.

-Sectioned my hair into matutas to make my work easier(2 at the back,2 at the front and around 3 at the crown)

-Applied a little oil to the ends  then started styling. For each section, I’d apply some Cantu Leave-In first (make sure your hair is still dump.If not, re-spritz), then a dime size of shea butter mixed with same size of ecostyler. A little goes a long way.

-I had only one packet of flexirods since I was experimenting so I had to improvise. Bantu knots on the back and front and flexirods on the crown so here are the 4-D results..



-Slept in a satin bonnet.

-Undid them,spritzed some leave in mix then separated the bantu knot curls and fluffed from the roots using a wide toothed comb for a fuller look.


I was disappointed by the flexirods’ turn out but I think it’s because I used way too big portions for each rod because the curls were there but were too big to last. Here are the pics




The bantu knot though? Gorgeous and well defined. Clearly the ecostyler and Shea Butter mix is working for me. And as always, scarf to the rescue:D

My hair has also been extra moisturized the whole day and I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because of the  Cantu Leave In. I used direct heat (blow dry) before I braided so you can understand my enthusiasm.


I’ll give it 2 more weeks and do a review to be sure.

Flexi Rods
Flexi Rods come in different sizes. I bought the Diana brand from someone on Tricia’s Naturals Market Place.

The ones I used were size 3. They were 10 in a pack. I think were too big for my length of hair. Also, the bigger the rods, the bigger the curls. I hope this is useful information if you’re hoping to get you some.

For maintenance, my plan is to spritz with an Aloe Vera juice+Water mix, apply some Cantu Leave in then seal with my Shea+Mango butter mix or Oil mix.

Have you tried the flexirods or the Cantu Leave In Conditioner? Thoughts? Share!