Twist Out Using Beautiful Textures Curl Control Define Pudding

Good morning, loves! I’m in such a good mood today, it being a public holiday tomorrow and one of my oldest friends is getting married:)

Kinda sad I won’t wear my #Fro out to the wedding as it’s in braids now, has been for the last six weeks and this weekend is take-down weekend. One more reason I’m so excitedz can’t wait to get familiar with my new growth:D:D. Bring on the detangling, I be ready! The fro has been missed.

Anyway, I was supposed to have done this post ages ago but I was being lazy and using the excuse that I needed better photos. Today is the day!

This is sort of a review for Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding. For those who missed it, Judy reviewed this product and the Moisture Butter for #WashNGos here (




I used the Curl Control Pudding alone for my #TwistOuts. I have said before that Twist Outs have become my go-to protective and curl enhancing style since I gained some length, mostly because they’re so easy to do.

I used this product on damp hair that I had spritzed with my Leave in Conditioner.
I sectioned about ten times, applied my Cantu Argan Leave in to each section, then applied the Pudding before twisting my hair. I used each product sparingly and we always say, a little goes a long way.




The first thing i love about this product is the smell. It smells lovely, some type of tropical smell. It’s also very light and very little is required for use.

As it’s not as heavy as Shea Butter it felt lighter on my head as I applied it and it dried pretty fast. I did the twists just before bed and by the time I woke up, they were completely dry.
I have complained that most times I use Shea Butter overnight for twists I wake up and my hair is still damp in the middle and the back sometimes. Also,since my hair was completely dry in the morning, the twists were firm and easy to take down, suffering very little frizz.

For the take down I applied Sweet Almond Oil to my hair and to the tips of my fingers. This is a really important step as it helps seal I’m moisture and gives your hair a really healthy shine. I love the smell of Sweet Almond but you can use the cold pressed oil of your choice.


I don’t know how I slept but my hair was in all directions post take down. Smh. I keep saying this Natural Life is about improvisation. I wore a paperbag around my hair for 30mins to make my hair lie down like a normal person’s. Lol.


I was very pleased with the results and the fact that the smell lasted a while. This particular #TwistOut lasted me five days before I braided my hair over the weekend. I loved it so much I took it out that night and to a baby shower😆


(Soon after take down)


(Later that night. Out with the sister)


(Day 3 at the baby showerm. I’m way in the back, curls poppin’)


(Day 5. Lots of shrinkage but that Fro still Fly 😉

Have any of you tried any of the Beautiful Textures products? How did you like them? Tell us, we love hearing from you!

I wish you all a lovely, lovely long weekend. You girls take care now and don’t forget to send us those photos to be featured for #FCF😚

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