Curls and a bun with Shea Butter+Black Castor Oil+Coconut Oil

Hey girls. I finally got time to do a post I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. As you all know, my hair is 4C which means it’s more kinky and coily than curly. I’ve grown to love it a whole lot. It took patience and time to learn how to maintain it and what my hair loves and what’s simply a no-no.

This is my hair in the morning after I’ve spritzed some of my Leave-In concoction lol (Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Conditioner and a little oil)


It’s very cotton wool like and soft at this point. (I’m also very happy about my hairline, thanks to the Black castor oil).
I wanted to have some defined  curls at the front so I could have a bun and curls thing going on within the week (Look out for pics on the different styles I pulled off 💁💁)

Usually I use Ecostyler gel mixed with an oil and the results are good but I’ve been trying to avoid gel lately. I did a post comparing the Shea Butter Vs Ecostyler gel curl definition results.

So I decided to try something new that I’m really excited about you guys! Shea Butter+Black Castor Oil+Coconut Oil for styling!!!

-I sectioned my hair.

-For each section, I spritzed, applied the Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In conditioner, then the butter mix.

-I did 3 strand twists in the back (matutas), around 6 of them. Their main purpose was to stretch my hair out for the bun

-For the front, I did bantu knots as usual (For those struggling with how to do Bantu knots, here is a great pictorial)

-Slept in a satin bonnet.

-Next morning, I undid the matutas and bantu knots gently after rubbing a light oil (I used sweet almond) between the thumb and index finger.This is to minimize frizz aka wild strands of hair and to add shine to it.





I loved it! This was day three, btw. I’m sorry I didn’t take pics of day 1 but I promise I will next time.

Girls with kinky hair, have you tried a whipped butter mix before? What were the results?



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