Stellah’s Hair Progress

Hey Ladies! This Nairobi weather..Argh! I thought we were past the cold and rainy season :'(:'(

Anyway, we love all the protective styles we’ve been seeing on the streets. So much spank! I’ve been having buns and doing the roll, tuck and pin method for mine and I simply love the versitility that accesories give me!

First off, I stumbled upon the roll,tuck and pin method after several flat twist fails lol. And I’d highly recommend it for those of us who can’t conrow or flat twist. Its easy to do,takes minimum time and just needs some bobby pins. I’ll try to do a picture tutorial soon,but in the meantime, this tutorial by my hair crush, Aisha of MyFroandI is perfect.

Btw incase your bobbys keep disappearing,we might have a solution for you on our page this week so stay tuned!!

For the bun,my fav style lately, I use basically anything from a string, to a piece of cloth, to shoe laces. Hehe. Talk of improvation. Sometimes I do a twistout to get curls at the top but other times I just leave it kinky and I’m pleased with the results on most days :-):-)

Here is a series of some accesories,scarves and styles:


I love, love, love this accesory. It goes so well with the bun and even when I want to do a roll,tuck and pin, I simply wrap it around my forehead and I’m good to go (pics on my roll,tuck and pin post coming soon, I promise)


Girls, those days you have a bantu knot then you get some shuglis out of the house. Simply take a scarf and do a knot at the front and you’re good to go!!


More scarves! Honestly I’m starting to become a scarf hoarder hehe. I separated the curls from the bantu knot and made a bun then used a scarf to hold it in place.


I love the curls bantu knots give me on day two!! So full and glorious ❤ ❤
I found some pearly beads in my room so I put a string in them and found me a new accesory for my bun. Score!!


Washday! Incase you simply don’t want to do anything to your hair after its clean, try this hairstyle.The big scarf bow you make definately takes all the attention.


Not so clear but leaving out a small bit of your hair while the rest is in a bun works too.

What accesories and scarves have you caped for yourself?



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