The Anatomy Of Split Ends

Good afternoon Ladies!! We hope you’re doing ok. This chilly weather is taking Nairobi hostage😥😰
Today on #FroTipTuesday we want to talk about split ends. What are they? We’ve all had variations of them.

Normal, healthy hair strands are covered and protected by a cuticle layer which also regulates the intake and release of moisture from the hair fibers.
Sometimes the hair fractures at the ends and starts splitting along the length.The split ends may include two,three and even more fragments and if left untreated can go all the way up to the roots and nobody wants that for their fro. It’ll lead to fragile,  brittle hair that breaks easy.

So how do you treat it? Visit your stylist or chop them off yourself. There is no way around it sisters..take the scissors and cut right above the damaged part. All other treatments are temporary.

We have a few tips to protect your ends especially with this weather :-

-Protective Styling. Do styles that tuck away your ends and reduce incidences of rubbing against your clothes.The roll,tuck and pin has been working great for me. Braids, weaves and wigs come in handy too. We love the Marley braids buns and puff updos too. They are super cute.

-Keep your hair and especially your ends,which are the oldest part,very well moisturised throughout. A moisturised fro is a healthy,happy one.

-Seal your ends with a heavy oil or butter Examples are Black Castor Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil or Shea,  Mango and Cocoa  Butters.

-Reduce over brushing and combing at the ends and using excessive heat on your kinks.

-Make sure you trim your ends on the regular when you notice your hair needs one.

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