AfroliciousKE Product Catalogue

Combined shotThankyou for visiting our blog! We hope you enjoy, relate, learn and feel free to interact. Our products have a new look and we love it! This is a detailed list of all our products,their benefits to your hair and skin plus how to use them; AfroliciousKE Catalogue . For further enquiries, reach our customer relations( 0725466132 or 0707644851)

4 thoughts on “AfroliciousKE Product Catalogue

  1. Hi Stella and Judith, i have just discovered your products today as i was looking for mango butter. i have checked out your catalogue but its not among them, do you still supply it? Also, i was looking for a price list since hair products can get quite pricey and i would love to prioritize before i buy. Looking forward to trying out your products.

    • Hey Sophie!! Thankyou for visiting our blog! We are so glad you like the products. We no longer stock Mango butter, sorry. We can email the prices to you or even whatsapp. Our numbers are 0725466132/0707644851. Please feel free to reach us for even further enquiries. Cheers!

      • oh that is great. lemme whatsapp one of you. Also, i just want to say am really glad i bumped into this, i have just started my hair journey and still even have my relaxed hair. Trying to grow it out. And anything created by an african i love. Tired of google with black hair products that do not really match my hair

    • We are glad you found us too 😊😊 Starting out can be a little intimidating with all the information and terms online but that’s what we are here for. Looking forward to interacting with you!

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